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November 26th, 2007

09:54 pm - Another topic of the paranormal (Ironically Enough)
I must start by saying I am not much for UFO's. I am one of those people who have commonly thought of UFO's an Alien abductees as completely crazy, preoccupied with star trek or attention seeking pathetic morons. Which makes what I am about to say all the stranger. Ealier this month my girlfriend and I witnessed an unidentified craft flying over my home in southwest Omaha.  On that night I submitted both a telephone and email report form to NUFORC,  the national UFO reporting center. I will include a copy of this report below. Since then up until today, I have witnessed the same craft 4 more times around or near the same time of night. Midnight.. How cliche..  Anyway,  I just thought I would share for those of you who are interested.

Report From Nov. 2 2007. Time Occurred: Approx 23:50
Witnessed two flat, noiseless objects within five minutes of each other. They appeared to have a skeletal, wishbone like frame and moved across the sky like a glider might move. We could not make out any defined body but there did seem to be some kind of dark area within the frame.  (the Frame seemed to be a white wishbone formation) The back end or tail had no real definition it seemed to almost fade into the sky. The crafts were in sight for approximately ten seconds each, before we lost sight of them. These two crafts came out of what appeared to be high altitude cirrus clouds, moving in a east-southeasterly direction. The clouds were long, thin and transparent, localized to a specific area in the sky. The clouds themselves seemed to last no more then two hours in duration. I noticed them at eleven pm central time and had completely vanished out of sight at about one fifteen am.  
The crafts seemed to emerge directly out of the cloud bank(?) both crafts heading in a southeasterly fashion.

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October 1st, 2007

09:30 pm - Area of Coverage
Eastern Nebraska Cryptozoological Research & Investigative Paranormal Team: E.N.C.R.I.P.T.

Area we cover for those requesting an investigation: The Eastern Third of Nebraska and the Western Third of Iowa.

Cities Included: Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs, Bellevue, Fremont, Columbus,  Norfolk, York, Nebraska City, Atlantic, Villisca, Harlan, Missouri Valley, Onawa, Shennendoah, Red Oak, Glenwood.

These locations are included in our general investigation area. Exceptions can and will be made based on availability and means.

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07:41 pm - Mission Statement

I have been planning this project for some time now. I have decided to unveil this livejournal as a destination for the public to view any updates and news that might come of this project. I have finally found a number of people who I feel would make good paranormal researchers. I hope to have them on several more investigation opportunities in the future. 

The reason I have embarked upon this project is because I feel the Eastern Nebraska area is a wasteland when it comes to credible paranormal researchers. Sure you have "DIEPART" in Des Moines and "Vanderworker Todd Paranormal" in Howells Nebraska, who are professionals and do a great job. Here in Omaha however, some of the local groups, who I will not name. Have this seemingly undying love for circumstantial evidence and incorporating it as legitimate. For one, I do not feel that orbs are good evidence. Also, some of the claims by these local groups about certain mildly haunted or non haunted sites in the area are ludicrous.

My goal is to bring a credible paranormal research group to Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.

The main staples of this group will be as follows.

We will incorporate primarily scientific method in our research and will only reguard scientific means as reliable evidence in investigations. This applies to investigations that are requested of our group and investigations that we take on independantly. This is a very crucial aspect to remaining legitimate and credible in the field of paranormal reserach.

Acceptable Equiptment for Scientific Research Includes the following: Video Recorders (Digital and Standard) Audio Recorders (Digital, CD, Cassette) EMF detectors (Electro Magnetic Frequency) Gieger Counters, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Still Photographic Cameras (Digital and Standard) and other various means as they become available as the field progresses.

We will also incorporate our personal experiences during investigation. This applies to the phenomenon we encounter and have no scientific evidence for. Things we see, smell, taste, hear, touch, or sense.  We will share our experiences with each other during debriefing or if a major event occurs (LIke the sight of a apparition) we will conduct an immediate interview with the parties involved. Each individual involved will relay their experience separately to another team member before taking the opportunity to discuss it with each other. This allows us to check it for validity. 

Will will also occasionally allow for metaphysical means to be used during investigation to guide us directionally, gain perspective and understanding.  Certain metaphysical means may be used to provoke, dissolve, cleanse, clear, bless, exorcise, remove, or pacify an entity.

Metaphysical means will never be used to provide evidence in investigations. I understand it's purpose and importance but it is important that this organization remains accessible, understandable, and open to the main stream. Often the main stream are the ones who are having the problems with the phenomenon. We need to make sure our approach remains within a reasonable comfort level for them and provides a guarded approach to controversial means of paranormal investigation.

Acceptable Means of metaphysical tools: (as guidance and personal aides only!) Dowsing Rods, Blessed objects, Gems, Diamonds, minerals, Crystals, Stones, Sea salt, Flower petals, folk art, native tools, misc objects diving in nature, ouji boards, spells, spellbooks, charms, jewelry,  and extra sensory perception of any kind. . [NOTE: ESP is encouraged to be used as a tool to help guide you in your investigation. If your senses tell you to go a certain place or do a certain thing, (Unless otherwise requested or instructed) then please, do so.]

Golden Rules of Paranormal Research:

Investigate in Pairs - This is for safety as much as it is to have someone by you to verify what you experience.

Do not wander off without others knowing where you are generally going to be.

Be respectful of property. This applies to private and public property. Treat things the way you would treat your own.

Be respectful of your environment (Unless you are trying to provoke something and that is understood with the group)

Be aware of your surroundings.

Keep your eyes peeled

Limit talking to necessity.

Keep your ears open.

Stay on task and try not to get distracted.

Share all experiences - Do not withhold. No matter how strange. 

Be open to criticism. - This is how we get to the bottom of things.

BE CAREFUL!  - Common sense folks, the last thing I want is someone getting hurt.

Ask questions - If you don't know, ask.

If you are interested in becoming a team member, please let me know. I will be open to many people, but please be willing to follow the guidelines. I do feel very strongly about this and I want to maintain a professional and respectable group. I have no doubt that any of the people who have accompanied me on investigations in the past would not be able to follow these guidelines.  If any one else out there is interested, please let me know. Especially if you can assist in the means of equipment. (especially cameras, Video and Still)

Let me now welcome you all to the world of E.N.C.R.I.P.T. 

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